A Shout Out To ---Elsa Willows

Elsa has broken through the ice over at the high schools’ scholarship program for the San Juan Pilots Association, (The John Volk Memorial), and we now have a number of great applicants. For the last couple of years we have been having difficulty getting noticed by qualified students as a source of funding through our scholarships. Elsa broke through this barrier by going over and personally sitting with a group interested students that want to get into the aviation community and further their career either as pilots, mechanics or aerospace designers.

Elsa, at 25, a recently hired pilot over at Kenmore, is a great example of a young person going into one aspect of aviation. She spoke to her own accomplishments in aviation. It had a very strong effect on the students present.

Her talk was backed up by a very eye-catching brochure produced by our own artistically talented president, Peter Brown.

We have had a rush of very qualified applicants these past few days. This campaign has been a roaring success. Thanks to all involved.

Excellent update, thanks!

Well done, Elsa! As we head into summer, we need to start planning our scholarship fundraiser, the annual SJPA barbecue and silent auction.