An open letter of apology

Hello Fellow San Juan Island Pilots,

I am writing this note to apologize to the community for saying something over the radio that I meant in jest, but I think offended another pilot. This may not reach the person I think I offended, but it is important enough for me to try given that I have so much respect for the community.

This past Monday, I was about to depart RWY 16 for a quick flight to KBFI. I made a radio call to ask if there was anyone in the pattern as I had heard radio traffic from a Skyhawk and a Cub. The pilot in the Cub responded stating that he was about to turn base to final. Knowing that I had more than enough time to safely depart, I replied back stating in jest “I will be halfway back to Boeing field before you get here”. The moment I uttered the words I wished I hadn’t because while I meant it as a joke, I do not think it was taken that way.

The truth is that a Cub is the first and last plane we all want as pilots, and for me that is definitely true. So, for the Cub Pilot that was out there that day, I salute you and apologize for my remarks. I did not mean to offend you and I am sorry.

Please also accept my apology as a community because I respect you all tremendously.