Construction at Jeffco Field

From: Jeffco Pilots
Subject: New Taxiway/runway connector

Date: October 6, 2023 at 10:47:08 AM PDT

All: The Port finally has a formal start date for construction of the new connector between the taxiway and the runway. The new connector will be 1,000’ from the arrival end of runway 27. The Port has worked hard to minimize impacts to runway operations during this construction project. Work on the runway itself will be conducted at night, and the airport will be closed then. Work closer to the existing taxiway will be done during the day, but that will not affect runway operations. Taxiing will be routed through the east-side hangars while that work is going on, so there will be some inconvenience, but at least we can keep flying. The Port estimates that daytime closures will be limited to about 3 days when required markings are painted. I’ve attached the note from the Port, and their routing plan through the east hangars during construction.