Doug Ritter Ultimate Aviator Survival Paks On Sale

I bought one of these and though I’ve never had to use it, I love the design. This, from Doug Ritter today:

I am once again taking orders for my acclaimed Ultimate Aviator Survival Paks™. I am building these kits in batches in order to keep costs down. Orders will be accepted until October 23. I will not be doing another batch until next Spring. If you would like to place an order which is expected to ship the end of November, please email me the following information:

Name, Shipping Address, Billing Address, Email, Cell, How you would like to pay (Check, Wire Transfer or Zelle) and Options desired (see below).

I need to get a minimum of five orders for this run at a cost to you of $3,098 each plus Shipping (UPS GROUND - CONUS ONLY, insured which will be billed when ready to ship).

I will note that my customers don’t just buy this for their aircraft. Numerous ones in the past have gone into the trunk of the customer’s or a family member’s vehicle(s).

A full listing of contents can be found at: Doug Ritter Aviator Survival Paks Weight is 22.6 lbs +/- a few ounces.

I build Doug Ritter Aviator Survival Paks like my life depended upon it…
…because your life might.™

The following options are available:

Option: The .5 Module that adds Personal Protection gear for 1 additional person (3 total, packed in the UASP) will add $304.

Option: The +2 Add-on Module, which is packed separately in a smaller pack and also includes food and water for an additional 2 people, will be $872. The Plus 2 Add-on Module is designed to be used only in combination with the UASP and is not a stand-alone survival kit.

Option: Green Rescue Laser Flare: $130 (replaces Red Laser Light)

As a result of some requests to add more trauma capability to the medical (first aid) supplies:

Option: Upgrade to QuikClot/Celox Z-Fold Gauze - 3" x 5 ft: $30 (brand depends on availability - replaces QuikClot Advanced Clotting Gauze - 3 x 24 inches)

Option: Tactical Medical Solutions SOF Tactical Tourniquet and Full-Size EMT Shears (staged for use in a nylon quick access pouch): $71

Payment in full is required in advance once I get enough orders to do this run. We will invoice you and it can be paid by check wire transfer or Zelle (if you need info on using Zelle, please email me). No, we are not ever using PayPal. Once burned…

With shipping costs threatening to rise again, we will invoice shipping separately when shipped (at my cost). Shipping is via UPS Ground (continental U.S. only), Direct Signature Required and Insured for the full purchase price. Last time shipping cost varied from $100 to $200 (distance and other factor dependent – shipping to a commercial location saves a few bucks).

It should take about 3-5 weeks to build the kits once payments are received. As always these days, that is subject to supply chain difficulties that I have no ability to predict.

Any questions, feel free to post here or email me at or call me at 602-292-0997 (8:00 AM – 7:00 PM Pacific).

If you are interested in one of my Ultimate Aviator Survival Paks, please email me ASAP with your options desired and whether you prefer to pay by check,wire trasfer or Zelle at: