Welcome to the SJPA Forum!

The San Juan Pilots’ Association (SJPA) has been a cornerstone of the local aviation community for over 25 years, sponsoring a multitude of activities and resources to foster an enriched environment for aviation enthusiasts. Our offerings extend from a regularly updated and informative website to convivial quarterly potlucks in Friday Harbor, regular monthly lunches, exhilarating fly-outs, enlightening seminars, and inspirational speakers. Key highlights of our annual calendar include the much-anticipated summer barbecue and our festive December holiday dinner, both of which have perennially been crowd-pleasers amongst our members.

In the spirit of fostering the next generation of aviation enthusiasts, we also take pride in providing financial support for the education of selected local students who express an interest in pursuing careers within the aviation sector. Our members comprise a vibrant and diverse mix of island residents, non-residents, and visitors, all contributing to a unique and rich aviation experience set amidst the stunning beauty of the islands.

Furthermore, we are excited to announce the recent addition of an online discussion forum to our platform. This forum is designed to be a hub for the aviation community, a place where members can engage in dynamic discussions on various aviation topics, share insights, ask questions, and learn from each other’s experiences. It’s not just limited to aviation topics either; the forum is also a space where you can get the latest local news and engage in community discussions on a myriad of subjects, in essence, making it a one-stop-shop for everything SJPA and beyond.

Whether you are looking to debate the merits of different aircraft, share local flying tips, keep up-to-date with aviation regulations, or simply discuss the weather for your next fly-out, our forum is here to facilitate your needs. The forum also serves as an effective medium for new members to integrate themselves into our community, share their stories, and connect with fellow enthusiasts.

If you share our passion for aviation and cherish the islands as much as we do, there’s truly no better community to join than the San Juan Pilots’ Association. With our extensive array of activities and our dynamic new discussion forum, we are more equipped than ever to connect you with like-minded individuals and provide resources for your aviation journey.

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